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Nas - Level 7 (Take A Picture)

Letra traducida de Nas - Level 7 (Take A Picture) al idioma

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Level 7 (Take A Picture)

[Intro] (Nas)
Chi-ching, haa, chi-ching, haa

Take a picture, cherish it, I'm God's Son, inherence it
This is level 7 where gangster and mobsters stepping
Take a picture, cherish it, its Nashawn
my feature is heaven, safe for the bitches, this is level 7

Number 1, uhh what does it take to have a woman's bra?

Intelligently they mind done

And what about shopping and copping expensive things

Take them on yachts and lobster, rocks and rings

? Crash with a transvestite on its best night
but nigga not me on a hot night
I'm with a sister whose thick as shit and she knock me

You hit her off properly then let her get on top of me
level 2 is elementary stage

The first thing a slave learned is its country amazing

They separated the families on ever plantation

Feeing for that black pussy, slaves masters chasing

Chase they women like they chicken feet
violating, raping 'em
rip their clothes, let their niggaz see

And that's the start of the first black pimps history

Told his queen if they want to fuck, make them pay a fee

[Chorus] - 2X

Level 3, God answer me, is there any devil in me?

Naw there's thug and there's rebel in me

Hood like ghetto tears falling down my eyes

How about the staircase, kill them with a surprise

I'm willing to live and willing to die

Kill a man for a cause, I'm willing to fry

While my people say it's a fucked up predicament

You talk the wrong thing, school learned ignorance

Now my religion is the all mighty Dallam

There's everybody making this money
turn this street game to pimp game scholar

Level 4, never make a whore to a house wife
with my charisma

It takes a special kind of dude just to pimp her

Level 5, I leaned the ways of the streets when I was only 9

Turn nothing into a dime, beer into wine

Wine into Champaign, Chris, level 6

Only millionaire shit, buying buildings, and real estate
me and my gorillas chill to sell a home away

Went from savvy to humane
welcome to level 7, enter the life of true fame

[Chorus] - 2X

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Posted 2 days ago bypanzas

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Holaaa a todos muchas gracias por ver mis traducciones y escribirme sigan mandando sus peticiones yo las voy a traducir con mucho gusto!! :) saludos

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