Letras de Canciones Traducidas de Happyhead

Tenemos 2 canciones traducidas de Happyhead

    Atomic Candy

    (Carl L. Marsh)<br> Plough up a field of money<br> scatter your seed<br> Mind over matter? well it matters<br> to me candy<br> Riding an ark political sparkle<br> Cast the first stone you'll be making<br> a mark indeed<br> There goes ...

    Baby Usa (4:21)

    (Carl L. Marsh/David Barratt)<br> A tiny piece of america<br> nearly blew my apart<br> Driving on the wrong side<br> of my english heart<br> I found myself caught in mid-stream<br> I had a dream of a brand-new start<br> Phone lines lie ...

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