Chris crocker

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    Fell For The Enemy

    It started as a game<br> The bet was on my heart<br> But when I looked away<br> You caught me off guard<br> The tricks were hard to catch<br> But now I see right through<br> No more hurting me<br> No more loving you<br> Just wasted all ...

    I Want Your Bite

    It's Chris Crocker You know it's not about romance It's just about whats in your pants Screw hello You had me at sex Don't need no intro Let's skip to the bed From the head to yo ...

    I'm second to none

    I'm second to none (none, none, ) He looks hot but does he make your heart stop When you're getting busy in his piece of shit car And yeah he's hot but can he reach your g-spot Little baby di ...

    Love you better

    I know I'm maybe not what you want But, I could give you what you need And, that's why I wrote you this song So here it goes. Where do I go from here These feelings that I fear Should I ...