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Hatebreed - Filth

Filth - Hatebreed Spanische Übersetzungh Idioma traducción

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won't celebrate your
genocide and I won't consume
your lies, and you cannot
deny how your selfish ways
kill and ruin innocent
lives, people have been
exploited, people have been
killed, humanity has been raped
and still I see no cure. I won't
consume your filth. Filth is what
you know, filth is what you
consume, filth is all you know,
I'm gonna take you out.
I can justify your suffering,
can you justify theirs?
You degrade and destroy
life as we know it to profit
at any cost. I won't consume!
I won't take part! I cannot and
I won't, I won't consume your filth!


que no vas a celebrar tu
genocidio y no consumiré
tus mentiras y no puedes
negar tus modos egoístas
mata y arruina vidas
inocentes, gente ha sido
explotada, humanidad ha sido violada
y sigo sin ver un cura. no consumiré
tu suciedad. suciedad es lo
que conoces, suciedad es lo que conoces
consume, suciedad es lo que conoces
voy a sacarte
puedo justificar tu sufrimiento
puedes justificar el de ellos?
tu degradas y destruyes
vida como la conocemos para beneficiar
a cualquier costo. no c

no formare parte no puedo y no lo hare, no consumiré tu suciedad

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