Japandroids - Darkness On The Edge Of Gastown

Letra traducida de Darkness On The Edge Of Gastown - Japandroids

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Darkness On The Edge Of Gastown

Tell her
She wears too much neon
Tell her
It's hanging off her bones
Tell her
That's all she is
New ways to wear old clothes

Tell her
That I'm staying thin
Tell her
That I'm staying inside
Tell her
When I think about her

Tell her
That I can see the future
Tell her
That her future is bleak
Tell her
That I'm the future

Tell her I'm still alive
Tell her I'm still in love
Tell her to come pick me up
Tell her I'm downtown
In the darkness on the edge of Gastown
Darkness on the edge of Gastown

Osuridad en el borde Gastown

Que ella viste mucho neon
Esta colgando sus huesos
Que es todo lo que ella es
Nuevas formas de usar ropas viejas

Que me quedo delgado
Que me quedo dentro
Cuando pienso en ella

Que puedo ver el futuro
Que puedo ver su depresión
Que soy el futuro

Dile que sigo vivo
Dile que sigo enamorado
Dile que me recoja
Dile que estoy en el centro
En la oscuridad del borde de gastow n
Oscuridad en la orilla de gastown

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