We are augustines

Letras de Canciones Traducidas de We Are Augustines

Tenemos 3 canciones traducidas de We Are Augustines


    Fell asleep with a cigarette To the flicker of a TV set No one saw you wave your white flag No one saw your family photo album Never saw your family photo album Fought some battles and we lost the war And there's ashtrays all o ...

    Barrel of Leaves

    Stare at a wristwatch On a mighty fine day Could bring tears to a stone wall Or here where I stay Mothers gathering leaves Into a barrel and I say "Why do you pack your parachute With a thousand ton weight?" When you fall fro ...

    Strange Days

    Put up a fight Like a ghost ship in the night Count to 2 count to 3! And fade away Went overboard Said curses to the lord Count to 4 count to 5! And sink a ways You hate yourself Put the bottle on the shelf Count to 7 cou ...

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