Jaguar love

Letras de Canciones Traducidas de Jaguar love

Total de letras traducidas: 4

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    Georgia take me to the sea where they drown the babies that nobody can feed, And in that sick ocean Georgia we'll be born again Georgia, we'll swim so far in that ocean crammed with sho ...

    Highways Of Gold

    And everybody knows, knows, knows The highway comes so high Past the skeleton crows, crows, crows Pecking at the scenic eyes. And if you try and never look down You pass the spot connecting th ...

    I started a fire

    I started a fire. One thing that i know for sure is that the big, bad fires gonna steal my soul. I built a campfire in an abandoned swimming pool in Beverly Hills. I knew something was wrong when my drum machine flew aw ...

    Piece Of My Heart

    I want you to come on, come on, come on, didn´t i make you feel like you were my only girl yeah! An´ didn´t i give you everything that a man possibly can ? Honey, you know i did! But each time ...