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Letras de Canciones Traducidas de R.i.o.

Tenemos 7 canciones traducidas de r.i.o.


Canciones traducidas de r.i.o.

After the love

Artista: R.i.o. Traducción porAngela | Publicado 14 years ago

After the love shine down on me I see beautiful people love and you rise, me say Oh yeah Beautiful people come down on, right Me see the sunrise, I wanna get down down down The tide is rising

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Hot Girl

Artista: R.i.o. Traducción porG4L | Publicado 14 years ago

Come on now sexy girl Let's make it to the club She's got it goin' on Gonna be my superstar She can make a Saturday Night (oh oh oh) Get to the club the feelin'is right (oh oh) Come on, your s

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Like I love you

Artista: R.i.o. Traducción poranameec | Publicado 14 years ago

I believe without your love I will be incomplete Oh baby Your indeed the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen (ever seen) No I don’t wanna break it, break it, no more I can see it, if I can mak

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Party Shaker (feat. Nicco)

Artista: R.i.o. Traducción porNicolás | Publicado 14 years ago

Yeah, the party shaker Wake up, wake up! People getting on! I’m gonna rock your body Stand up, stand up! We’re moving all the way to the top We flying high, so high To the sky And we lead

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Artista: R.i.o. Traducción porraquel | Publicado 14 years ago

Did you see the lights? As they fell all around you Did you hear the music? A serenade from the stars Wake up, wake up Wake up and look around you We're lost inner space And the time

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Shine On

Artista: R.i.o. Traducción porFabricio | Publicado 14 years ago

Open up ya eyes and watch the sunrise One part of me I've been made clear Love that goes spread all the world, you know Me love ya comes out of devotion To rule ya spread to the world In Trenchto

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When the sun comes down

Artista: R.i.o. Traducción porAgus | Publicado 14 years ago

Time to wake up in every nation Go feel the vibration that takes me away Me people stand up to fight desperation As we're raising, raising until the break of the day Hey! I will lift yo

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