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Letras de Canciones Traducidas de H.i.m.

Tenemos 5 canciones traducidas de h.i.m.


Canciones traducidas de h.i.m.


Artista: H.i.m. Traducción porANA CARRERA HERNANDE | Publicado 14 years ago

DARK LIGHT Shivers run through the spine Of hope as she cries the poison tears of a life denied In the raven black night Holding hands with Dark light Come shine in her lost heart tonight

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Artista: H.i.m. Traducción porAndreina Gonzalez | Publicado 14 years ago

Farewell heatless world I’ll send you a postcard burnt in the flames You’ve tried so hard to extinguish with the fear of failing I’ll write down everything I have learned And edit it down to

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Artista: H.i.m. Traducción porANA CARRERA HERNANDE | Publicado 14 years ago

It's poetry carved in flesh It's beautiful hell with us To be deadly sin we confess Tears of joy fill our eyes We are saved with its bigotries My out there prophecies of doom My heart's a grav

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Vampire Heart

Artista: H.i.m. Traducción porpanzas | Publicado 14 years ago

You can't escape the wrath of my heart Beating to your funeral song (You're so alone) All faith is lost for hell regained And love dust in the hands of shame (Just be brave) Let me bleed you

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your sweet six six six

Artista: H.i.m. Traducción porryd | Publicado 14 years ago

There are things you should know the distance between us seems to grow But you're holding on strong oh, how hard it is to let go, oh, so hard to let go I'm waiting for your call and I'm ready to

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